Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Homemade Tug Toys

1.) What you will need is (3) long pieces of material from old jeans, blankets, clothing or any type of fabric.

2.) Tie the one end into a tight knot. We like to tie a few knots to make sure it is secure. 

3.) Have someone hold that end so you can "very tightly" braid the three pieces of fabric. If you do not have anyone to hold it for you, put it under your foot. 

**The tighter you braid the tougher it will be for the dogs to pull it apart.

4.) Tie the end piece into several knots as you did the first, find a pup and let them enjoy their new toy!
Rope toys in stores range in price anywhere from $8.00 to $25.00 depending on length and size. Using recycled fabric you will save a load of money. ;)

Making homemade toys for our fur kids is a lot of fun! We think so and so do our dogs.
Plus it tires them out. ;)


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  2. A friend of mine hand-makes and sells tugs like these -- but in heavier square and round braids -- which have been given the pit bull and Staffie bull seals of approval! They're named after her own red pit bull. :D

    RedDog Tugs: "Tug toys for dogs who mean business. Tough fleece tugs to hold up to strong tuggers and crazy flyball dogs."
    Product Review on Team Unruly:

    Check 'em out! :)