Friday, March 15, 2013

A Cat Toy for Dogs

The flirt pole is a super-sized cat toy made for our canine buddies

Made of 5ft - 6ft PVC pipe (on the thinner side), 13ft - 15ft rope (adjust as needed), & a favorite toy of your dog's. Total cost? About $9.00 - $12.00!

Besides the treadmill & nose work, this is one of our favorite tools for tiring out our dogs. It is used for basic obedience, training, & positive reinforcement. All the while making the time with your dog fun, exciting, & rewarding!

*To make:
after stringing the rope through the PVC pipe 'pole', simply tie a knot at one end & tie the toy with the other end. 

*Your dog should already be familiar with the following commands:
sit, stay/wait, look, down, leave it/drop it, & take it.

When using the flirt pole, make sure your dog does not grab the toy without your command.
If he/she does, stop the game & calmly ask your dog to leave it/drop it. Remain patient & non-interactive until he/she does so & then start over from a sit or down.

The combination of mind stimulation & exercise will make for

 a very happy & content pup by the end of the session

& the best part. . .the reward C:


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