Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dog on a Treadmill?

We say yes, YES, YES!!

Chelle & Alumni Polly Pocket
Treadmills are a great energy re-leasers and come in handy on days where we can not get out doors with our dogs. The treadmill will not only kick some of the extra energy your dog may have, but it is also a great mind stimulating exercise! When your dog is on the treadmill they have to think for themselves to stay in time with the treadmill as it moves. Treadmills can come in handy if you have a multi dog home and need to make sure all the pups in your care get their exercise in for the day. 

When you start your dog off on the treadmill (make sure you have treats on hand) you want him/her to get used to the surroundings and this new "thing" in your home. Let him/her walk on and off of it, let them sit on it and even ask them to lay down on or near it so they know there is nothing to fear. 

Guide them by it and reward them for accepting it.

Some dogs take longer then other to get used to this machine, so when you aim to teach your dog to use the treadmill make sure you have about 2-3 hours set aside at first. Be sure there are no to very little distraction in your home, and make sure your pup has done his/her business before you get started. You do not want to rush your dog, let him/her get comfortable at their own pace. In return your dog will accept this new training exercise and will look forward it.

To get Polly Pocket use to this new contraption, we sat on the treadmill and guided her over with some high value treats. We praised her for walking up to it, stepping on it and then sitting on it. Polly loves the praise and knowing she is doing a good job. This little lady catches on quick with just about everything she is shown. **Keep in mind every dog is different and may approach this new challenge in a different way so be patient, be consistent and keep those treats coming.**

After about a 20 minutes we faced Polly in the right direction with Chelle standing over her making sure she wasn't going to jump off or get too overwhelmed when we started it up. Having one hand on the leash over Pollys head and the other hand at Polly's side (so she knew not to jump off) reassured her everything will be ok and she is doing a GREAT job!!

We started Polly off at the lowest setting, letting her get familiar with it moving on its own. At first she wasn't sure what this was all about and was walking a in a zig zag motion, but Chelle stayed in place talking to her, telling Polly what good girl she was.

Holding treats in front of her face helped her keep moving forward and rewarded her for doing so. Polly and treats go very very well together. Along with praise. { Did we mention she LOVES to be told what a good girl she is.}

Keep those treats coming for the first time learning
Polly goes for about 15-20 minutes a day, trotting at a fast pace getting up to 2 miles. Polly enjoys the treadmill and will even go over to it when it is off and sit on it looking at you with that "Well, we gunna do this or what" face. It took Polly a total of an hour and a half to get fully comfortable to where Chelle could stand up and let Polly just trot away. 

After a few more times Polly will be able to jump on without Chelle standing over top of her.

Good Girl Polly!!!! 
 Please note: When your dog is doing more activity then normal you have to monitor their food intake. Make sure they are getting what they need for the exercises they are doing! And ALWAYS check with your vet and make sure your pup is healthy for some extended exercise.

Balance is key to a healthy life. Good food, Exercise, Mind stimulation, Love, Play and REST, make for a happy dog and a happy owner. 

Treadmill donations are still needed for our rescue dogs. 

If you can spare a treadmill that is in working condition please email 
We are located by Philadelphia & Scranton/Wilke barre areas. 


  1. When we would visit my mom (who has a motorized treadmill) and Viktor was an adolescent with SUPER amounts of energy, I would have him walk on the treadmill for a few minutes to help tire him out. I did the same with my mom's dog, Hershey. It became so much like a game to them that whenever they entered the room with the treadmill, even if we weren't intending to use it, they would climb on a wait for me to turn it on. Supervised walks on treadmills are great!

  2. Go Polly, Go Polly, Go Polly! Do you have a video of Polly in action? What a cutie. I wonder what she would get if she did

    Very good tips. My dog and I tried using the treadmill and its taking a lot longer to get use to. I'll make sure to bookmark this and read it over when I get home with my dog.

  3. excellent directions thank you Modified k9!! My Tinsel is a rescued pit bull terrier with some extra nerves to deal with at times (mostly thanks to irresponsible prior owners). Treadmill just came yesterday so I'll get started on proper introduction. Treading is good for Momma & furkid!