Friday, February 22, 2013

Busy Bulls & a Box

As you all know, treat/food dispensing dog toys can be a bit pricey at time. Unless you find a killer deal on amazon. Even then, they tend to add up (especially with chewers). So what do we do to keep our fur kids happy and busy while we save up?

We utilize what we have at home.

Thankfully, our dogs are easy to please and appreciate anything we do for them. Which in turn makes it very easy for us humans to accommodate to their need for some mind stimulation. Here is a fun way to use a few things you may have laying around the house. It will keep those fur kids occupied, especially on a days you prefer to be indoors. No to mention, it will keep up entertained. ;)

What you will need to gather up:

1. An empty box - size depends on your dog

2. A old blanket, sheet or shirt. - You can use any type of cloth you may have laying around and do not care about. It gets a bit torn and tattered with what is about to go on. The amount of cloth items you use is up to you.

3. We use the kibble we feed our dogs. - You can use treats, baby carrots or anything your dogs finds tasty. You will want to use a good amount to keep your dog occupied and interested, so that is why we use their meal time measurements.

4. Put the kibble / treats in the cloth - You will want to tuck it, roll it, twist it and add it to different sections of the cloth you are using so your pups will have to dig through it and have a bit of a challenge.

5. Place the cloth with the treats inside the box and a few extras - Place some kibble/treats throughout the box, on and around the cloth.

6. Fold the top of the box closed - Ask your pup to "sit", to "down" or to "wait" for their game to begin. Once they are waiting patently,  tell them to take it or get it. . .

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