Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mk9's "Stop & Go" Game for the family

Throughout our days, there is a learning experience in just about everything we do. Here at them mk9 home we love to make learning fun, for all.

Since we have a multiple dog family, we love to designate "one on one time" for each of the pups. "One on one time" helps strengthen bonds between you and your furkids. 

Today is Bella Vita's day for some special one on one time. During our walks we like to play a little game called "Stop n Go". Dylan (aka Monster) is in charge of the orders and mom has to help Bella Vita listen.

On our walks Monster will randomly say "Stop". When he does we all have to stop, but Vita has to not only "stop", but "sit" and "look" at mom. Then we continue on when Monster says "go". Sometimes Monster has us stopping and going every two feet lol.

What this game does is, well, #1 causes Dylan to laugh like crazy because of all the fast random stops, but it helps Bella Vita work on her basic commands. Walking on a loose leash, sitting every time we stop and looking at mom for the next move.

The randomness of Monsters commands also keeps Vita (and mom) on her toes watching and listening for what we may do next. In turn keeping Vita's attention on us and not the dogs in the house next to us barking mad through the window.

**Rules are:
-Little Monsters must hold moms/dads hand.
-We never "stop" in the middle of any street.
-We must look both ways before crossing streets.
-Mom makes sure we have plenty of tasty treats on hand for Vita and she keeps those "good girls" coming.
-Make sure you change the pace of the walk.
-When you start to walk, make sure your dog is looking at you and always lead with your left leg. (the leg closest to your dog). 

Have fun on your outings all and enjoy your family. 


  1. Wonderful post. I like the way your kids work with you on walks.

  2. What a great way to get the whole family involved!!

    PS. Looove the matching sweater & hat!!