Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pa Pit Bull Pow Wow!

Attn: Pennsylvania Pit Bull Owners

Starting Sunday July 11, 2o11 the mk9 crew will be going to local parks, hiking trails, camping grounds, picnic areas, swimming holes & dog friendly restaurants throughout all of Pennsylvania. We will be posting location & times several weeks in advance so everyone that would like to join us can make proper arrangements. The mk9 crew will be meeting up every Sunday (OR) Monday through out the entire year. We would like pit bull type dog owners & their dogs join us on these days.

It will be a wonderful chance for education, information, exercise, socialization & coming together as a responsible pit bull owners to show their dogs in a proper positive light. 

As pit bull owners we all know how important it is to be the best owner you can be & to make sure your pups are cared for to the fullest. Pit Bull type dogs are med-high energy dogs & being active is a big key in the relationship you have with your dog. Remember a tired proper mind stimulated dog is a good dog C;

We are looking forward to meeting pit bull owners of the pa area, making new friends & sharing tips on how to be a better owner for your dog. We will have trainers joining us that will be willing to answer any question about your pups you may have.

Please Note:
A few things we ask of you:

-All dogs attending are updated on proper rabies shots, vaccs & are licensed.
**You must have this information on you during all of these meet ups.

-You should always have your pups on a safe secure leash & collar/harness.
**Please (NO) retractable leashes. For hikes a long line can be used instead of your 6ft leash.
-Please pick up after your dogs

-Always have water available for you & your pups

We hope alot of you can join us this summer!
We are looking forward to meeting you all. . .& your pups!!

BIG thumbs up to responsible active pit bull owners!

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