Friday, July 22, 2011

hot Hot HOT here in Northeast Pennsylvania

How do the mk9 pups stay calm, cool & collected?

Kiddy Pool!

Can be found at Toys R Us, Babys R Us or Big Lots stores. $ range from $3.oo- $7.oo
An so well worth it!! Add some water, your pups favorite toys and what you have is one happy pup!
Joey & Macy having a great time with their own personal pool.
More Joey Pics here:

More macy pics here:


Pupsicles are very simple to make. Ready?

Take an Oj carton or Milk carton, cut off the the top area and wash out all the inside leftovers.
Once clean add either water or vegan/veggie chicken or beef broth and then toss in a few of your pups favorite treats. (after the 1st 1/2hr of freezing you can add more treats to the mix to give your pupsicle some layers) When completely frozen remove the carton from the pupsicle. Give it to your fur kids to enjoy on a hot day like today. Either in their water dish, outside in the grass or toss it in  your kiddy pool. They will LOVE you for it.

Here is Bella Vita and her personal PUPSICLE.

More Bella Vita pics here:

Good old R & R!!
Noone does it better then, well you know who. . .BALOO!!
This 76 pound bundle of love will take a belly rub on any given day, no matter how hot it is.
Belly up seems to be how he deals with 90+ degree weather. Without a care in the world this pup is all of the above Calm, Cool & Collected!

More Baloo pics here:
Hope you all enjoy your day no matter what temperature it is outside!
!THINK COOL!And make sure you keep your pups safe!
Do NOT leave your pups in the car or ANY period of time!!
2 minutes is too long!

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