Friday, March 2, 2012

We ((LOVE)) routine! -and so do the dogs!

A solid strict schedule = structure, patience & obedience 

Even after a short time the new kid Johnny is picking up on our routine.

We try as best as we can to keep the pups schedule the same every day.
They wake up at a certain time, go out at a certain time, eat at a certain time, train at a certain, play at a certain time and even cuddle at a certain time.

With a schedule along with the "nothing is free" method we help the dogs become more balanced, calm and content.

They get to know what is coming next.
This schedule helps them replace their anxiety or bad behavior issues with patience and understanding of how things run around here.

We are the leaders and they are our pup scouts.

Feeding time:

After the pups all do their business they head back to their crates, their food is placed in front of them and they are told to WAIT as we close the door and do the same for the next pup.

After all the food is down, doors are closed and they are "waiting" nicely we tell them all "OK" and they are free to enjoy their meal.

We feed ALL of our dogs in their crates at ALL times.
This allows them space to eat their food as they will with out being burdened by another dog or devouring their food in a fast manner because there is another dog scouting out their meal.

Crating at feeding time will prevent any unnecessary spats and after they finish their meal they get to relax & digest until it is time to go out for their morning walks and training session.

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