Thursday, March 1, 2012

Frozen Stuffed Kongs

Froze Stuffed Kongs are a wonderful thing when we have a busy day ahead and need an extra few minutes to do laundry, dishes, check your emails or what have you.  The night before you go to bed and after the pups are settled in for the night. Collect all the Kongs you have laying around your house or in their crates.  Stuff them with your pups favorite canned dog food and some peanut butter.  Then place all the Kongs in the freezer until the next morning. It is that simple.

Frozen Kongs are great for when we have new dogs starting on tie downs and getting use to their crates.  Keeps them busy for some time which leaves you free  to catch up on some work or much needed rest. Esp if your a foster parent. ;)

Check out Johnny Royal and his first ever Frozen Kong. Kept him busy for about an hour this morning. No lie - an entire HOUR! With an active 2 year old son in our house we have no time for rest so the extra hour made time for some Lego building adventures.
YAY for Frozen Stuffed Kongs!


  1. I do this all the time for my 5 Pitties and they LOVE it. I'll stuff it with their favorite wet food, maybe mix a few of their favorite hard treats, then to top it all off, I stick a bully stick(rawhide) right through it.

  2. What else can be used other than peanut butter?

  3. Frozen Kongs are great for when we have new dogs starting on tie ...