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Remembering 2010

Starting off by saying THANK YOU.

Thank you to EVERYONE that has had a part no matter how big or small in saving these dogs in 2010!
To all the Volunteers, Donators, Supporters, Fosters & ADOPTERS, We could NOT do this without you. These lives depend on US as a Team, as a family & as their defenders to make the future a better, safer place for the American Pit Bull Terrier & their mixes!!

Remembering 2010 with a small caption & a HUGE forever after ending. Here is just a few of the lives saved with our guidence & YOUR help!

Kicking it off with:

A sweet little boy from the Hazelton Animal Shelter that found his way into the loving arms of a growing family. This character is full of surprises & LOTS of love for his momma. Issac is expecting a little brother or sister this 2o11. Congratulations to the Family & Issac for finding his forever after.

Next up is:

Bella Roo found her way into one of the mk9 family members arms. Roo shares her home with a very smart, sweet & caring little girl names Zoe. Zoe is one of the biggest animal lovers we know, she is always bring home some kind of critter to add to their wonderful family. Bella Roo doesn't mind just as long as she gets the bed & to inspect very new addition that comes into their home.

The Next Bella on the list is:
Her name means Beautiful life in Italian. Vita was pulled from the Luzerne County SPCA. When we first brought her home she had kennel cough which very quickly turned to pneumonia. The recovery period was a tough one for her & us caring for her, she wouldn't eat so we had to force feed her & she was too weak to walk outside so we had to carry her. This little lady won the hearts of the mk9 family the day she forced herself to get up & made her way over to the baby of the house, He was crying due to a fever & a belly ache, Vita did everything she could to sit by him & let him know she was there & he actually stopped crying reach out his finger to pet her & said "soft". The look in Vitas eyes said it all. "This is my family & I belong here" check out the rest of her journey from begining to now:!/album.php?fbid=130342433676989&id=129811260396773&aid=15377

BG now know as:
This sweet lady is now a city girl. She lives with her mommy, daddy & kitty, yes Miss Calies brother is a C.A.T. :) Calie has the occasional "chase the cat" moment but it usually ends up with both of them laying in bed or staring out the window of the Philly world. Calie has adjusted very well to the noisey life of the city & has been on several trips out of state to meet new people with her mommy & dad. Calie loves traveling but she is definitely a homebody when it comes to nights at home just lounging around with her family.

Some of you personaly know this "little" fella:
This pup came from the Luzerne County SPCA as an owner surrender when him & his siblings were just 7-8weeks of age. King Kong got his name for having a larger then life personality & love for people. There isn't a human or aniamls this pup doesn't like or want to be friends with. King Kong is very well socialized & loves being around the kids & taking an occasional nap with the cat..Yes "another" Pit Bull type dog & his cat!! King still has alot of growing to do, size & mature wise but the people in his life have all the time & love in the world to share with this "little" guy ;)

Well this pup needs no introduction:
The love, support & the "fame" has gone to this pups head, but he deserves every ounce of the positive. Before coming into the Modified k9 Pit Bull Rescue Program Brad Pit was a Victim of Crulity, he has been through it all. Beaten, neglected, rejected & in several "scuffles" with other dogs. Brad Pit rose above it all! His loving & forgiving personality has won the hearts of hundreds of people. Brad Pit defeats the stereotype the media & the ignorant has given these dogs! Brad Pit is now the mascot & loving family memebr of the mk9 crew, he is hear to help educate & change views of the uneducated. Here are some links we think you all need to check out so you can truly appreciate the heart these animals have for us humans!
~Brad Pit Visits the Scranton Police Department:

No stopping this girl:

We recieved a call one day from the Plains Animal Hospital saying they have a 8 week old female that was brough into their office, she was in alot of pain & had a messed up back leg. They said they cleaned up her wounds & put her leg in a cast but needed a rescue to come get her since she has no home, no family & noone to care for her. After we pulled Naija they had told us she needed to have surgery on her leg within a week. The surgery cost went from $500-$6000 depending on the type she needed. Needless to say Naijas leg couldn't be saved but that didn't stop this little lady from winning the heart of her foster mom & now forever after mom. Naijas mom helped her adjust to the new life with lots of socialization, plenty of friends, food & an unconditional amount of love! This puppy has a heart & drive that can overcome ANYTHING that is thrown her way. Her mommy & anyone that meets this pup just adores her & she DOES change the minds of the doubtful. What we learn from a pup like Naija is to love & embrace life no matter what you are delt. Be thankful you are alive & greatful to have the people around you that you do..We know Naija does every second of every day ;)

Stella is now known as:
This pretty lady is a daddys girl though & through. Zia is a rough & ready kinda girl that stole the heart of her daddy the first day they met. He loves her spunk, drive & random freak outs that only a dad could love. Zia is known for getting into her dads hat collection & then giving the "see what I did for you" look. She had a rough start in life tied up outside for the first 4 months of her life, not socialized properly & negelcted. Zia is another pup that hasn't let her past control her future. She is now with a family that loves her & will see that the rejection NEVER happens again!

Guess who..:
This big guy pulled at the heart strings of everyone in the mk9 family & our followers when he arrived into our program. He was a lost soul & had no idea how to be just a dog. By the end of his journey with our rescue he had transformed into an amazing dog, a huge lover, a professional cuddler & a jester at best. Bronx now shares his life with a wonderful family that adores this dog to say the least. He couldn't of found a better fit. The best feeling in the world for us in rescue is seeing these dogs get their 2nd chance at life & love. Bronx had a long journey to get to where he is today. He is an amazing example of the rehabilitation, love & guidence a rescue can do for a dog & his/her future. Bronx has a face & a journey you will never forget!
Here are some links to his life then & now.

So 2010 was a great year & we are hoping 2o11 will be even better, with more lives saved, more FOSTERS, more donaters & MORE ADOPTIONS!!! Remember we can not do this without all of you. We may not be able to save them all but for the ones we do it will be life changing for them, the new families & everyone they meet. Here is to a NEW YEAR & a NEW BEGINING!

Your Resolution?
Let all make part of your resolution:
Getting involved in finding homes for the pups that are STILL waiting for their chance at a forever after family. Here is an ADOPT ME folder of the mk9 pups that are ADOPT.a.BULL, pending & in evaluation. Please share their info:

Fun Stuff of 2010:

What made 2010 possible:
Fosters, Adopters, Donaters, Supporters, Sponsors

Happy New Year Everyone!

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