Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tie Downs

Brad Pit & Johnny Royal: "Ha Ha, Uma's on a tie down."

Tie down is another "structure" method we use for the new dogs that enter our program. A tie down, helps the dogs adjust to in door living. It comes in very handy to us since we can not have the dog on leash with us at all times. (Not when chasing a 3 year old and a few other dogs around). 

The tie down's allow us to be hands free, but it also allows the new dog to be involved in all that is going on in our home. Our mentor dogs can walk freely around the new dog with out getting pounced on for play ever 5 seconds, our kiddo can walk passed without having his snack taken off of him or be smothered in kisses every 2 seconds.

Tie downs are a useful tool to help manage dogs that may jump on people, that need house breaking , play a bit too rough with us or our dogs and for dogs that like to jumping on furniture as they please. Tie downs limit your dog's "rude or inappropriate behaviors" and get them adjusted to every day in door living with the rest of the family. Another plus is that, they can be used for is meeting the resident dogs and even the cat.

To make a tie down get a 4-5 foot piece of cable wrapped in plastic with clips at both ends. Attach one end to an eye-bolt and screw it into the baseboard of your wall. Attach the other end to your dog's flat buckle collar or martingale. With Uma we used an extra leash we had and wrapped it around a very heavy piece of furniture. (She doesn't chew the leash other wise we would use the cable like we had to for Johnny when he first came into our program.)

If you use "Uma's way" MAKE SURE that your dog can not pull the furniture around the house or chew on it. Tie downs should only be used when you are home as well, this way you can keep an eye on your pup and make sure they are not getting themselves into any trouble.

In the dogs tie down space, put their bed and some chew toys to keep them buys. Frozen Stuffed Kongs work well as they are learning to adjust.

Let us know how this works for you and if you have any other tips regarding tie downs :)

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