Saturday, December 22, 2012

Come when called. - Recall Game

We use the clicker (or marker) during a lot of our training sessions. When we use the clicker we never us it to attract our dogs attention. The clicker is used when our dogs are doing the exact action we want.

Today we are going to fill you in on a fun game we do with our pups to teach them how to come when called. This exercise will help your dog understand to come to you every time you call them.

Pick a spot that is safe, fenced in or even start in your home so your pup can't get away from you if they get distracted. Start off with two people standing about 8-10 feet apart from one another. Each person will have some soft, small sized treats and a clicker. We like to use Natural Balance food rolls for our dogs training.

When everyone is ready start calling your pup with the word "come" or "here". Make sure everyone uses the same word in a happy tone. When the pup comes to you click, put your hand on the dogs collar and give him/her the treat.

As your pup learns the game, start increasing the distance and the distractions. You will want to start of at a short distance with little to no distraction at first to help your dog succeed in this game. Have fun and make the training sessions short. Making sessions short will keep your pups attention and your pup will learn to stay focused. Too long of a session and your pup can get distracted easy. You always want to end on a good note and the command you asked of your dog.

Tips on when to call your dog:

-Never call your dog for negative/bad things
-Never call your dog and then lock him up for the day to go to work or leave the house.
-Never call your dog to come in from play time, instead go get him.
-DO call your dog for positive/good things like dinner time, treats, walks, car rides, games, play, cuddle time ;)

When you teach your dog to come when called remember you may need it one day to save your dogs life so every time you call your dog it MUST be related to something positive. Then watch them come flying into your arms.

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