Tuesday, September 25, 2012

mk9 RISE ABOVE - Rescue is possible for ALL!

Some of you may have caught a post or two about our Rise Above project - that was "coming soon".

Well, we are more then excited to tell you -


Over the past few month the mk9 family has been laying low, not attending too many events or pushing to many topics through our network sites. We have been focusing on regrouping and redirecting our energy towards a mission, a movement that we feel will become great for our people and for pit bull dogs. This mission hits home in ways it is very difficult to describe through a blog post.

The Rise Above program is created from some of our personal members that have had experiences and struggles with bullying, depression and suicide. There are life battles that at times make you feel as if you are alone, as if you are not wanted, rejected or forgotten. We the broken, can relate to the dogs we put our hearts into every day. We can relate to their pain and their want to fit in. In one way or another, not only have we taken part in rescuing these very misunderstood dogs, but in return THESE dogs, these PIT BULLS, have rescued us!!

Overcoming bullying, depression and suicide is possible.
mk9 Rise Above is a program that shares stories of mistreated, discriminated and rescued pit bull dogs with those currently struggling with similar situations. By getting involved in the life and upkeep of these dogs, a person will experience unconditional love. They will find encouragement to keep moving forward, and will see that they are not alone in the fight.

These dogs are just a door way for all that will be great. Through working with these dogs we know in our hearts people will realize how important life is and how "letting go", is NEVER the answer! There are so many lesson our pit bull dogs can share with us, we just need to listen. One is no matter how beaten down you are, you can always move forward.

-Our program reaches out to people struggling with bullying, depression and suicide.

-Our program reaches out to pit bull dogs struggling with mistreatment, homelessness and rejection.

-Our program will join some of the most broken and make them whole again!

Together, we are working towards a better future for our pit bull dogs AND our people!!

Upcoming meetings, speaking and support events will be listed soon. If you, or someone you know is battling the above issues and would like to contact us with any questions you may have, set up a meet n greet to get started with this program or just share your story, please feel free to email us at mk9riseabove@hotmail.com

Until then, join us on face book and any event we host in your area. 
Click HERE for the Rise Above face book page:

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