Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Get Going!!

If you own a pit bull dog, you know what being active is like. Some pit bull dogs are always on the go, they are always looking for new things to do and exciting things to accomplish.

What makes dogs happy and content??
Love, socialization, training and EXERCISE!  

There are many many different ways to exercise your dogs. Walking, hiking, swimming, taking them for a jog, treadmill, mind stimulation games and competition work. Below are a few of our favorite exercises to get involved in with your pal. You and your dog can get started with one or all of the activities, which will depend on where you live, your dogs personality and drive for the activity.

These are all amazing ways to bond with your dog while both staying active, healthy and happy!!

In no particular order lets start off with:

Dock Diving or Dock Jumping

Dogs compete in jumping for height or distance from a dock into a body of water.
The dock diving team consists of one dog (any breed or size), and usually one handler  All dogs must be over six months of age to compete in this activity. Team members/handlers can use a toy to keep the dogs attention. On a good note the dogs are not required to retrieve the toy.

To find out where you can get started close to your area check out Dock 

Have time to check out an awesome video of Primo doing his thing on the dock?!



Flyball is a  relay sport for dogs and their owners. Teams compete against other teams. Teams consist of four dogs and their owners. The dogs must jump four hurdles, catch a ball and run back in succession until all four of the dogs on the team have had their turn. The first team to run the course without making a mistake in the fastest time wins !

For more information on flyball and where competitions will be held, go here:

Great Video of the Revolution Flyball BSL team in action:


 Nose Work:

K9 Nose work is great FUN way for your dog to build confidence, burn mental and physical energy. It helps to develop your dog’s natural scenting abilities by targeting their drive to hunt. Food, toys, love and exercise are key.

To learn more about Nose work, go here:

Cute video of shelter dog Honee doing some nose work:


 k9 agility is a sport in which a handler is given a set amount of time to direct their dog through an obstacle course. The dog must be off-leash. All dogs must be at least 6 months of age.

Basic obedience training is necessary and need for commencing agility training.

To learn more about k9 Agility, GO HERE

There are other sports and activities you can get your pit bull involved in such as Frisbee, therapy work or weight pulling. Please make sure you do your research on any activity you decide to get involved in and find a trainer that works best with you and you dog helping you BOTH move forward! :)


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Well, are we all ready to get started???

We at Modified k9 would LOVE to see pictures of you and your pit bull in action. 
So please send your photos to so we can share them with the world.

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