Saturday, October 2, 2010

No other love like Pit Bull love...

We don't care what anyone says...there isn't any other dog in the world that can show happiness like a Pit Bull!

Their signature ((smile)) , their full body wiggle, the unlimited slobber kisses that they need to give every time you look at them & their forever tail wag.

Their passion for human attention & affection is indescribable. Their forgiveness is unimaginable.

Its a wonder how us humans can turn something so good & so pure into something so feared, hated & abused.

It is humans that are responsible for a dogs behavior. It is also "humans" that are responsible for the truth, lies & the myths about dogs.

EDUCATION is so important...
EDUCATION by expierence is where the facts lie...
NOT the media...

A quote from one of our volunteers
-Nikki Stixx

"having seen and fostered or rescued many pit bulls of unknown origin...i can not imagine a breed that puts up with so much ugliness, hostility, abuse, and torture, and still does NOTHING besides wag its tail and hope its love and loyalty makes you stop"

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